初中英语必背300句子选择题 初中英语单选题300道


1. What do you think ______solve the problem ?
A.you can do B.can you do C.you can do to D.can you do to
2 In the past he often made his sister___, but now he is often made __by his sister.
A.to cry; to cry B.cry; cry C.to cry; cry D.cry; to cry
3 The teacher told us that the sun ____in the east.
A.rises B. rose C. raises D.raised
4 He lives in a village _____there are a lot of trees.
A. there B. where C.that D.which
5 He ________ Alice for ten years.
A. married to B.has married to C.has married D.has been married to
6 We need fifteen more people _____our team to do the job.
A.but B.except C.as well D.besides
7 They won`t allow us ________ at this beach.
A.swimming B.to swim C.swam D.swim
8 Is this factory ______you visited last week?
A.that B.where C.the one D.in which
9 The reason ___he was absent from the meeting was ___his car broke down on the way.
A.that; because B.why; that C.that; that D.for; that
10 Is the river_____ through that town very large?
A.which flows B.flows C.that flowing D.whose flows
11 The teacher told me that the students I wanted to see were seen___ football on the playground just now.
A.playing B.to be playing C.play D.to play
12 The red rose is the only one _____I really like.
A.which B.who C.that D.whom
13 All the apples _____ fell down were eaten by the pigs.
A.those B.which C.what D.that
14 Don`t forget the day ______you were received into the Youth League.
A.when B.that C.at which D.where
15 I prefer______ at home to _____outside.
A.staying, playing B.to stay, play C.staying, play D.to stay, playing
16 The box is _____what I saw in the shop.
A.same as B.the same like C.the same that D.the same as
17 The pen ______she writes letters is broken.
A.which B.that C.with which D.by which
18 Would you like to ______us in our discussion.
A.take part in B.join C.taking part in D.joining
19 I`m sure the red team will ______the game .
A.win B.beat C.defeat D.succeed
20 Ahead of me I saw a woman ____I thought was my aunt.
A.who B.whom C.of whom D.whose
21 _____your help, everything in the room is in good order now.
A.Since B.Because C.thanks for D.Thanks to
22 He is known to the world and has a lot of friends_______
A.in and out of abroad B.at home and abroad
C.at home and at abroad D.in home and out of abroad
23 ---Are you going there with them ? ----If you go,__________.
A.I also go B.so do I C.so I will D.so will I
24 -----The flower is beautiful. ---____________
A.So is it B.So it is C.It is so D.So it is
25 The number of people invited ____fifty, but a number of them _____absent.
A.were; was B.was ; was C.was; were D.were; were
26 We haven`t had any success _______
A.before long B.so long C.by far D.so far
27 Travellers ____our country enjoy the beautiful sights in Beijing, Hangzhou and
many other places of interest.
A.for B.to C.till D.by
28 If a man ______succeed, he must work as hard as he can.
A.will B.should C.is going to D.is to
29 ---I am sorry I didn`t do a good job. ---Never mind. ___ you have tried your best.
A.Above all B.In all C.At all D.After all
30 The best way to make sure that you can keep fit is to ____healthy eating habits.
A.find B.create C.develop D.prepare
31 We have spent _____money on English books .
A.a great deal of B.a good many C.a plenty of D.a number of
32 _______met, it won`t be easily forgotten.
A If only B.When if C.Once D.Once you were
33 The differences_____ these two pictures _____ colour are easy to see.
A.in, of B.from, of C.between ,in D.of ,in
34 You should put_____ “s” at the end of this word.
A.a B./ C.an D.the
35---What`s ______population of China ? ---China has____ population of 1.2 billion.
A.a; the B.the; a C./;/ D.the; the
36 It`s _______here. We can`t work long hours here.
A.very much cold B.much cold C.much too cold D.too much cold
37 _______terrible weather we`ve been having these days!
A.How a B.What a C.How D.What
38 ----Have you decided when_____? -----Yes, tomorrow morning.
A.will you leave B.to be leaving C.are you leaving D.to leave
39 The song ____My heart will go on is liked by the young people.
A.call B.calling C.called D.to call
40 Train services are now back to ______after three days of typhoon.
A.usual Bmon C.ordinary D.normal
41 He is the best ____English in our class.
A.at B.in C.for D.to
42 The policeman caught hold of the thief and hit him ____ head.
A.in the B.on his C.on the D.in his
43 Did John hit Bob _____eye ?
A.in the B.on the C.in his D.on his
44There is ____ interesting ____ today`s newspaper.
A.anything …in B.nothing. .in C.something. .on D.nothing.. on
45 Has your teacher given you any advice______ your study?
A.in B.to C.on D.with
46 It`s bad manners to laugh _____ others when they are _____ trouble.
A.at ,in B.over ,at C.with ,on D.to, with
47 Betty doesn`t have enough money to buy that coat. It`s very ___.
The price is too_____.
A.high, high B.expensive, expensive C.expensive, high D.high, expensive
48 This kind of glasses manufactured by experienced craftsmen ______comfortably.
A.wearing B.wear C.wears D.is worn
49 The diamond is _______.
A.very valuable B.of great value C.great value D.A or B
50 Behind the dancer there was a woman _______a large diamond ring.
A.carrying B.dressing C.wearing D.having
51 The young teacher who has a ____face can make his classes ____and interesting.
A.lovely, lively B.lovely, lovely C.likely, friendly D.uglily, lively
52 They were still _____their friends after their child`s long illness.
A.in debt to B.in the debt to C.in debt with D.in the debt with
53 _______, my brother passed the exam.
A.To my great joy B.To my great surprised C.With my joy D.With my surprise
54 I am all ears, ____,I am listening to you with all attention.
A.in another words B.in the other words C.with other words D.in other words
55 He started early _______he could get there before nine.
A.in order that B.because C.so as to D.in order to
56 As you know,whether the person will be elected president is matter of ___interest.
A.general Bmon C.ordinary D.mostly
57 I _____ by his story that he made up.
A.was taken on B.was taken out C.was taken in D.am taken in
58 He didn`t go into detail on the subject ,he spoke ______.
A.in general B.in particular C.in common D.in short
59 We designed the machine _____the purpose _______production.
A.for, of increasing B with, of increasing C. for, to increase D. A or B
60 Hospital doctors don`t go out very often as their work ____all their time.
A. takes away B. takes in C. takes over D. takes up
61 We offered him our congratulation ____his passing the entrance exam.
A. on B. for C. with D. at
62 My mother _____classical music while I am ____rock music.
A. is fond of, in B. likes, like C. is interested in; into D. interests; enjoy
63 We each _____ strong points and each of us on the other hand _____weak points.
A. have, have B. has, have C. has, has D. have, has
64 He is one of the students who, I am sure, always do ____ best.
A. his B. one`s C. my D. their
65 The police ___determined to bring back the missing boy when his family____
almost given hope.
A. is, has B. are, have C. are, has D. is, have
66 More than one girl ____ late for class this morning.
A. are B. is C. was D. were
67 Many a student _____ in the exam.
A. have failed B. had been failed C. has failed D. will be failed
68 What he says and what he does _______.
A. is not agree B. are not agree C. does not agree D. do not agree
69 Not only politics but also English is important. In other words , ___is important.
A. English, as well as politics B. English as well as politics
C. both politics and English D. politics, as well as English
70 It was at the very beginning__ Mr.Smith made a decision __we should send for a doctor.
A. what, that B. that, which C. which, that D. that, that
71 On the way back home from the ball, she suddenly found her necklace____.
A missed B losing C gone D be stolen
72 He didn`t go to the party not ______the time but _____he was ill.
A. because of, because B. because, because
C. because, because of D. because of, because of
73 The teacher gave me a piece of paper________.
A. to write on B. to be written on C. to write in D. to be written
74 I can`t believe he could jump _____high.
A. very much B. such C. that D. this
75 ----The boys are not doing a good job at all, are they? ----_____________.
A. I guess not so B. I don`t guess so C. I don`t guess D. I guess not
76 The magazine is ______reading, so he advised me ____it.
A. well worth; to buy B. very worth; buying
C. worthing , buying D. worthy, to buy
77 She is on a special ____to lose ____weight.
A.food; her B.food;/ C.diet; her D.diet;/
78 Jenny_____ a rich man. She has____ him for 5 years.
A.married with; married with B. married; married
C. married to; been married D. married; been married to
79 I am _____hungry. Give me _______of milk.
A.a bit;a little B.not a little;a bit C.little;a lit D.not a little; a little
80 A good friend is someone _____makes you ______.
A. which; happy B. who; happily C. who; happy D. whose; happily
81 He was about ____when suddenly the telephone rang.
A. to leave B. to starting C. leaving D. setting off
82 This task is _____difficult for us. We need ______people.
A. much too; another three B. too much; other three
C. much too; more three D. too much; three more
83 He seems to ______to Jane. He knows her well.
A. have been introduced B. be introduced C. have introduced D. introduced
84 This is a film ______Spielberg used real actors instead of stunt men.
A. which B. whose C. in which D. of which
85 He ____much of his success and happiness _____his wife and children.
A. thanks;to B. owes; to C. owns; to D. thinks; highly of
86 He will never forget the days ______he spent with you in Japan.
A. when B. that C. on which D. in which
87 Which sentence is incorrect ?
A. I feel interested in classical music B. I take interest in classical music
C. I am not into classical music D. I don`t fond of classical music
88 No one likes _______in _____public.
A. to be laughed at; the B. laughing at; the
C. being laughed at; / D. to be laughing at; /
89 We are considering _____a sports meet next month.
A. to hold B. holding C. to be held D. as holding
90 Which sentence is incorrect?
A. He devoted himself to the work of children`s health care.
B. He is devoted to his work.
C. He devoted all his life to work hard in people`s interests.
D. He is determined to make more money for his family.
91 He doesn`"t like classical music and_______ I.
A. so do B. nor do C. or do D. nor am
92 Friends should ______happiness and sorrow _____each other.
A share, with B solve, with C share, from D share, to
93 ---I missed the first part of the film .It was really a pity.
---You ________home half an hour earlier.
A. should have left B. must have left C. should leave D. must leave
94 The storm died away at last with the golden waves ____the shore in peace.
A. beaten B. beat C. to beat D. beating
95 The Whites are ___holiday ,but I don`t know where they have gone __their holidays.
A. in ,for B. on ,for C. for, in D. at, on
96 The river ____are covered with trees is very long.
A. which banks B. of which banks C. whose the banks D. the banks of which
97 She likes to use words ______clear to her.
A.of which the meaning B of which meaning
C whose of meaning D meaning of which
98 The price of this washing machine has been increased ____15%.
A. up B. to C. by D. from
99 _____someone`s health, you raise your glass.
A. Drink to B. To drink to C. If you drink D. If drink to
100 Please ______me about the interview____ I forget.
A. remind; in case B. remember; in case
C. remember, in case of D. remind of; in case of
1-5 CDABD 6-10 DBCBA 11-15 ACDAA 16-20 DCBAA
21-25 DBDBC 26-30 DBDDC 31-35 ACCCB 36-40 CDDCD
41-45 ACABC 46-50 ACCDC 51-55 AAADA 56-60 ACADD
61-65 ACDDB 66-70 CCDBD 71-75 CAACD 76-80 ADDBC
81-85 AAACB 86-90 BDCBC 91-95 BAADB 96-100 DACBA

还有都打不了了... 加上网页的题目该有300了吧。可真不好找呢,祝你成功咯。可怕,300条....

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初中英语必背300句子选择题 初中英语单选题300道


一、1~3题考察的是定语名词,也就是名词充当定语修饰另一名词的语法。定语名词的单复数问题没有统一的规律,学习这部分内容的时候,你记住其中有规律的部分,另外的一些,只能是根据常用常见而慢慢积累了。对于有规律的这部分,我将由上面的题目所遇到的稍为进行总结。1、类似于shoe store的:对于商店、市场等进行品类的界定或者限制说明的定语名词,使用表示统称的单数形式。如,computer market(电脑市场),gift company(经营礼品的公司), book vendor(摆摊买书的小贩)。2、类似于women cooks(cooker是厨具,所以不选A)的:当定语名词为man, woman, gentleman等,其单复数以所修饰的名词的单复数而定,例如:women teachers,a woman teacher(一位女老师)——简单记为:看后面。3、类似于ten minutes" break的:定语名词前面还有数词修饰,根据基数的单复数而确定。如果是“一分钟的暂停”的话,则为 one minute"s break。——简单记为:看前面。二、4~5考察的是名词可数与不可数、以及修饰的量词的使用方法。4、fish 理解为“鱼”的时候,是可数名词,其复数形态可变(+es)可不变,但是我们常将其复数变为fishes;当理解为“鱼肉”的时候,是不可数名词。这里吃的当然是鱼肉,所以选some fish。5、(1)对于修饰名词的量词:其的单复数根据前面的数词决定(可以看作与上面第3同理——看前面。量词本身就是名词,只不过它修饰名词的时候不是后面直接跟要修饰的名词,而要加多一个介词of而已)。(2)对于被修饰的名词:如果是不可数名词,则当然不用考虑它单复数;但是如果是可数,则多为使用复数形式,如,a kilo of apples(名词与数词没有直接的关系)。所以,本题答案当然是: (many)loaves of bread(bread 为不可数名词)。


1-10 B B B B D A B D C A
11-20 B C B C D B C B C B
21-30 D A C B A D A B C A
31-40 B A B B A B B C B B
41-50 B B D B D C A A B B
51-60 B C B A C B B B C C
61-70 D B C A C B C C B B
71-80 A D A C C D A A B B
81-90 D A B B B A C A B D
91-100 B A D C A C C B A

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