I praise in school today by the teacher, I am very happy. Back home, I told mom. Mother is also very happy. Both of us to celebrate, and had a good pick KFC. Today very happy.
Neighbors brought the puppy, everyone to pay attention to it. And I didn"t play, I be very angry. These days the dog to amuse me, my mood is a start up.
Today i scored 100 in my english spelling test. Ms.Chen praised me in front of the class. I felt very happy and proud of myself. I will continue to study hard.

I bought three goldfish. They are in the fishbowl all the fun of the swim to swim, and now and then with his lips to frothing water.

Today at noon I smelled a odor, I go in the past, to the kitchen, turned out to be the mother do cake

The Spring Festival, put on new clothes, I happily go out to visit a person, door can be loud firecrackers....... The Spring Festival is happy!

Today I was ill, head of the warm, like a fever, illness, really bad.

Today mother bought watermelon. I picked up a piece of into his mouth of a bite, sweet, very delicious,

Today mother took me to the rink, skating rink many people, I"m very happy, but also learn the skating.

Today I get up early and early of....... Open the curtains, I saw the beautiful sunrise, mood and better.

today my friend and I to the zoo。We see many animals。They are very lovely。There are a lot of flowers,too。 We see very relaxed!今天我和我的朋友去公园。我们看见许多动物。他们非常可爱。这儿也有许多花。我们看到非常放松!

It"s cold today, not a moment the snow, and very happy to play up the snow battle to, is a fun day.


Up this morning a grandpa across the road, do a good deed, full of happy!

Today saw mother was drinking coffee, but mom said, the child cannot drink coffee, and I want to drink.

My father took me to the zoo, elephants. The giraffe. Peacock. The kangaroo a lot, I like the zoo.

Today my mother and I came to the playground sat I like a bumper car, the mood was full of happy!

Today, I on the stairs, side go upstairs, part number stair, each have 10 levels of stairs, really fun.

See today no one on the bus offer their seats to old people, let I helpless and angry.

This morning I had a plum, good acid, teeth are soft, I won"t eat


Today, my father took me to go fishing. I wait, not for a moment, I caught a big fish.

Today I came to the beach, see the boundless sea, pick up a lot of shells.

Today the weather was cloudy, not a moment to rain. But the rain has stopped, the sun, a beautiful rainbow present in my eyes

Family"s a plant roses, flower, GongYanYan beauty, is really to outshine others!

The Dragon Boat Festival, home pack a lot of glutinous rice dumplings, and dragon boat racing, the Dragon Boat Festival is happy

Today I came to her aunt"s home, saw the special garden, there are red, yellow, wonderful!

It"s hot today, I went to the swimming pool, much more comfortable. Also learn another swimming-breast stroke.

Today I bought a book, the contents is attractive, see I buy into

Today I and partners play football, defense, he fell down, and good luck!


This evening, the heat like a pot of boiling water, I worked with my father and mother to swim. We went to the swimming pool, see the middle of the shallow pools was crowded with people, spray the clean water, flat of the water like a big mirror. This evening, even at ordinary times less people deep pool also a lot more people, is how busy!

Today the mood is happy, I made the house to a Saul, see my masterpiece, the in the mind has a proud






Oh,it"s 8:00 am ,I get up.八点了,我起床.The weather is very cold,but I very happy.天气非常的冷,但是我却很高兴.Because today is Springfestival.因为今天是春节.Suddenly,my mom is coming,“Happy new year!”I said.突然,妈妈来了,我说道“新年快乐”“Oh,the seme to you,my son.”my mom answer and smiled.“我的儿子,你也一样.”母亲笑着回答. 以上都很简单 自己写的 也是很基础的对话.禁止抄袭!!

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