英语对话20句 简单英语问路对话20句

1.Excuse me, but can you tell me the way to the museum? 请你告诉我去博物馆怎么走?
2. Could you tell me how I can get to the museum? 请你告诉我去博物馆怎么走?
3. Would you please tell me where the post office is? 请告诉我邮局在哪儿?
4. Excuse me, but please tell me how to get to the railway station? 请问,去火车站怎么走?
5. Excuse me, but I"m trying to find a chemist"s 谐音“凯美斯次”shop. 对不起,我要找一家药店。
6. Would you please tell me if there is a hospital nearby? 请问附近有医院吗?
7. Is the zoo far from here? 动物园离这儿远吗?
8. Will it take long to get to the airport? 去机场要很长时间吗?
1. Go along the street until you come to the traffic 谐音“攥飞科” lights. 沿这条路一直走到红绿灯那儿。
2. Turn right / left at the second crossing. (Take the second turning on the right / left.)
在第二个十字路口向右 / 左转弯。
3. Take a number 46 bus, and get off at the square. 坐46路公共汽车,在广场下车。
4. It"s on the corner of Huaihai Street and Xizang Road. 在淮海路和西藏路的路口。
5. Go straight ahead along the bund and then turn left. 沿着外滩往前走,然后往走转弯。
6. There is a post office at / on the corner of Smith Street and Beach Road.
史密斯街和海湾路的十字路口有个邮局。7.The hospitai is on the corner of Yuhong Jie and Xinzheng Jie.
8.There"s a bus stop across the street on the corner of and Bellflower.
9.Take a number 10 bus going down Cherry.      乘沿切里街行驶的10路公共汽车。
It"s only about ten minutes" walk. 那儿离这儿只有走大约10分钟的路。
it常被用来表示距离,后面可以跟表示距离的名词短语,也可以跟“名词(表示时间) + 名词(表示行走方式)”,要注意撇号的位置。例如:
It is three miles to the lake. 这儿离湖有3英里的路程。
My home is not far from here. It"s only five minutes" walk. 我家离这儿不远,走5分钟就到。
It is one hour" ride from Shanghai to Suzhou. 从上海坐车到苏州有1小时的路程。
How long will I get/arrive there?           我多久会到达那里?
How long will it take me to get/arrive there?      到达那里将要花费我多长时间?
How far is it?                  (那里)有多远?
Which bus should I take?                 我应该乘哪一路公共汽车?

英语对话20句 简单英语问路对话20句


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A: Stone Corp. Hi, Mary speaking. 隐四通公司, 您好,我是Mary。
  B: Hello, I’d like to speak to Mr. Hunter, please. 你好,我想找Hunter先生。
  A: May I ask who is calling, please? 请问您是哪位?
  B: My name is Herbert Wood of IBM Computer Company. 我是IBM电脑公司的Herbert Wood.
  A: Thank you, Mr. Wood. One moment, please… (into PBX) Mr. Hunter, Mr. Wood of IBM Computer Company is on the line. 谢谢,Wood先生,请稍等。(打内线电话)Hunter先生,IBM电脑公司的Wood先生找您。
  C: Can you find out what he wants? 你可以问他有什么事吗?
  A: Yes, Mr. Hunter. (to caller) I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, Mr. Wood. Mr. Hunter is rather busy right now and would like to know what you wish to speak to him about.
  B: Yes, I want to buy some computer software and talk about developing some other software. I don’t know whether he is interested in that or not? 是的,我想买一些计算机软件,另外再谈一谈开发一些其它的软件。我不知道他是否有兴趣。
  A: I see. Thank you very much, Mr. Wood. Would you wait a moment, please? (to PBX) Mr Hunter, Mr. Wood wants to buy some computer software.
  C: I see. Put him on line two.  好的,请转到2号线。
  A: Yes, Mr. Hunter. (To caller) Mr. Wood, I’m very sorry to have kept you waiting. I’ll put you through to Mr. Hunter.
  A: Good afternoon, Sales Department. May I help you? 下午好,销售部,我能帮你什么忙吗?
  B: Could I speak to Mr. Bush, please? 可以和Bush先生说话吗?
  A: I’ll see if he is available. Who shall I say is calling, please? 我要看一看他是否在。请问我得告诉他谁打来的?
  B: John Smith.
  A: Hold the line, please. Mr. Bush is in a meeting with the Managing Director at the moment, I’m afraid. Can I help you?
  B: Well, I want to discuss with him the new contract we signed last week. 好的,我想跟他讨论一下我们上星期签订的合同。
  A: I don’t think the meeting will go on much longer. Shall I ask him to call you when he is free? 我想会议不会开得太久,我让他有空给你打电话,好吗?
  B: Yes, that would be easiest. 是的,那样最好了。
  A: Could I have your name again, please? 请再一次告诉我你的姓名,好吗?
  B: Yes. It’s John Smith.好的,我叫John Smith。

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