英语对话三人十五句 两个人的英语对话每人15句左右

A. Good morning, Betty! How are you doing?B. Good morning, Alice! Great! How are you doing?A. I"m OK. But I did not sleep well.B. Why?A. My mom and dad had some argument last night.B. So...A. That was about me.B. Really?A. My dad wanted me to go to the USA for the summary campus.B. That is a great idea!A. My mom said NO. She wanted me to go to Beijing with her family.B. Well, what do you like?A. Sure, I love going to the USA, But...B. But what?A. A lot of money, and...B. And you like to stand at your side?A. That"s right! I really do not want to do anything against my mom.B. Did they ask your opinion?A. They did. So I spent the whole night and tried to find a best way to talk to them.B. Did they set a deadline for your answer?A. Not really. But the registration for the campus is very close now. And I need to apply for visa.B. So you need to decide today. I would tell them the truth.A. But I don"t want to hurt my mom.B. So talk to her first and give your thought in detail. She should support you.A. If she supports, everything would be fine.B. Why would you wait?A. I will talk to her this evening. Thank you, Betty.B. You"re welcome, Alice.

英语对话三人十五句 两个人的英语对话每人15句左右


A: Hi, how you doing?
B:I am cool, and you?
A:Also fine
B:Today, I went to an English class, I really struggled with it, it is too difficult!
A:No man, English is pretty easy, you just have to know the certain rules, and just put the words together like any other language.
A:But you know, English got about 100 000 words, and it got past tence, present tence, past perfect, etc. Oh my word, those are difficult remember!
B:Dont worry, dude, they got rules to be transformed. in 100000 words, you can talk with others with 4000 useful words, Chinese is even more complecated!
A:OK, dude, you are right, I should have tried harder....... 本回答被提问者和网友采纳


A:Hello,B!It is a long time that we did not have fun together.How about going fishing tomorrow afternoon?嗨,B,!好久没有在一起玩了。明天下午一起去钓鱼好吗?
B:I am sorry but I really have no time that time .I have an oral quiz tomorrow afternoon.对不起,但我那时候真的没有时间。我明天下午有一个面试。
A:Really?What is the name the place of your work ?真的?你工作的地方叫什么名字?
B:Its name is THE ABC COMPANY. ABC公司。
A:So what is the position you want ?你想要什么样的职位啊?
B:I want to be a sales manager .I think it will be a good chance to develop my ability and knowledge that I have learned in our college.我想成为一个销售经理。我认为它是一个提高自己的能力和知识面的好机会。
A:Em,yes ,it is really a good idea .是的,这是个好主意。
B:What is your plan ?你的计划呢?
A:I want to take part in a continuing learning class in our lollege .我想参加我们学校的一个继续教育课程。
B:Oh,you do not want to leave school?啊,你不想离开学校吗?
A:Yeah,it is one reason ,the other one is that I want to learn more usefull things so that i can get more chances to find better jobs .嗯,这是原因之一,另一个原因是我想要学习更多的有用的东西从而得到更多的机会找到好的工作。
B:I see! When your claass begin?我明白了。你的课程什么时候开始?
A: The next week.下周。。
B:OK,It is lunch time now.Shall we have lunch together ?好的。现在已经到了午饭时间了,我们一起吃午饭好吗?
A:OK,Let us go !好,走吧!
B:Hi,A, What is your feeling about your examinations ?嗨A,这次考试感觉怎么样?
A:I do not known.I think it is so-so.What about yours?我不知道,马马虎虎吧,你的呢?
B:It is so-so ,too我的也是马马虎虎。
A:So what is your plan in your winter vacation ?那么你的寒假计划是什么呢?
B:I want to take some part-time jobs .我想去做一些兼职工作。
A:Are you lack of money?你很缺钱吗?
B:No,I just want to experience myself.不是,我只是想增加自己的经验。
A:It is a good chance to gain some experiences for your future.多锻炼自己对你将来是很好的。
B:How about your plan?Do you want to travel in your winter vacation?你的计划呢?你想在寒假去旅游吗?
A:No,I will not go anywhere,i would rather do some funny things with my family.不,我 不想去哪里。我宁愿和家人在一起做些有趣的事情。
B:Your family must be very happy when they known your plan.当你的家人知道你的计划的时候他们一定会感到非常高兴的。
A:I think so.我也这样认为。
B:Ah,the bell rings,let us go .啊,上课铃响了,我们走吧。
A:OK,Let us go.好的,我们走。
A:Hello B, the weather is good tomorow,do you want to go hiking ?你好,B.明天的天气很好,你想去远足吗?
B:No,I will not go anywhere.my father is ill ,I must take care of him tomorow.不,我不会去哪里。我爸爸病了,明天我要照顾他。
A:I am sorry to hear that. Please take my best regards to your father .很遗憾听到这个消息。请替我向你爸爸问候一声。
B:Thank you very much .谢谢。
A:Not at all .没什么。
B:Are you go hiking yourself?你自己一个人去远足吗?
A:NO,I go to hiking with my friends .Ah,I almost forgot my purpose.不,我和我的朋友们一起去。啊,我差点忘记了我来的目的了、
B:What do you want to say ?About me?你想说什么?关于我的吗?
A:Yes,can you borrow some money to me ?For i want to buy a camera.是的,你可以借点钱给我吗?我想买部相机。
B:How much do you want ?你想借多少?
A:1000 USD.1000美元。
B:I am sorry ,I do not have so much money.You known,my father is ill ,it cost a large number of money.Why do you rent one in a Photography Studio?it just take you 300 USD .对不起,我没有那么多的钱。我爸爸病了,花了许多钱。为什么你不从照相馆里租一部相机呢?只需要花费300美元就够了。
A:Ah,it is a good idea ,thank you for your suggestion.啊,这真是个好主意。谢谢你的建议。
B:You are welcome!不客气。


A:Hi,B,what is your plan when you finish your school?

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