英文常用短句子大全 日常常用的英语句子?带翻译

1.问候 Greetings
(1)Good morning(afternoon, evening)早上好!(或:下午、晚上)好
--How are you?你好吗?
--Fine, thank you, and you?(Very well, thank you.)好,谢谢,你也好吧?或:很好,谢谢你
(2) Best wishes(regards) to sb.问候汤姆好。
Please give my regards(best wishes, love) to Tom.请代我向汤姆致以问候。
Please remember me to Tom.请代我向汤姆问候。
Say hello to Tom.向汤姆问好。
(3) Glad(Pleased) to meet you here(again).很高兴在这里(或:又)见到你。
2.介绍 Introductions
(1)This is Mr (Mrs, Miss, Ms) Green.这位是格林先生。(或:夫人、小姐、女士)
This is Comrade Li Ning. 这位是李宁同志。
May I introduce you to my friends?我来把您介绍给我的好朋友好吗?
I"d like you to meet Mr Green. 我想请您见见格林先生。
(2)--How do you do?(初次见面时用)您好!
--How do you do?您好!
Nice(Glad, Pleased) to meet(see) you.见到您我很高兴。
Nice meeting you, Mr Green.(多用于分手时)格林先生,我真高兴能认识您 。
(3)My name is Li Ning.我名叫李宁。
I"m a teacher.我是老师 。
I"m Chinese.我是中国人。
Excuse me, what"s your (full) name, please?请问你贵姓(您尊姓大名)
(4) I have often heard about you.我常常听人谈起你。
I have often wanted to meet you.我一直想认识你 。
Excuse my introducing myself.恕我冒昧地自我介绍一下。
Do you know my father?你认识我父亲吗?
I don"t think you have met my father.我想你还没有见过我父亲吧。
Allow(let) me introduce Mr Green to you.请允许(或让)我给你介绍一下格林先生
3.告别 Farewells
(1) I "m afraid I must be leaving(must be off,have to go) now.恐怕我得走了
I think it"s time for us to leave now.我想我们该走了。
It"s time I met Tom(did my homework). (注意从句要用虚拟语气)我该去见汤姆(或:去做作业了).
I have to go now.现在我得走了。
See you later(tomorrow).回头见!(或:明天见)
See you.回见!
Good night.晚安.再见!
4.感谢和应答 Thanks and responses
(1)Thank you (very much).(非常)感谢 !
Thanks a lot.多谢 !
Many thanks.多谢!
Thanks(Thank you) for listening.谢谢!(收听)
It"s very kind of you (to help me).您真是太好了(帮了我的忙)
(2)Not at all.不用谢.不客气。
It"s(That"s) all right.没关系。
You are welcome.不用谢 。
(3)It"s most thoughtful of you.你真是想得太周到了。
I don"t know how I can thank you enough.我不知怎样谢你才好。
I don"t know what I should have done without your help.有你的帮助我真不知道怎么办。
Thank you all the same.仍然要谢谢你。
5.祝愿、祝贺和应答 Good wishes, congratulations and responses
(1)Good luck!祝你好运 !
I wish you good luck(success)!祝你好运!(或:成功)
Good journey (to you)!旅途愉快!
Have a good trip.旅途愉快!
Have a nice(good) time.祝你玩得高兴!
I"d like to congratulate you on your success.祝贺你的成功!
(2)Thank you.谢谢
The same to you.也祝贺你!
(3)Happy New Year!新年好!新年快乐!
Merry Christmas!圣诞快乐!
Happy birthday to you.祝你生日快乐!
6.道歉、遗憾和应答 Apologies, regrets, sympathies and responses
Sorry(I"m sorry).对不起!
I"m sorry for(about) that.我为此感到抱歉!(或:难过、遗憾等)
I"m sorry to hear that.听到这个我很难过!(遗憾等)
I"m sorry to have(I"m sorry that I have) kept you waiting for a long time.抱歉让你久等了
(2)Excuse me(for having kept you waiting for a long time).请原谅(让你久等了)
I"m afraid (that) I"ll be late.恐怕我要迟到了。
What a pity!真可惜!真是遗憾。
What a shame!真丢脸 。
It"s a pity that you can"t come.你不能来真是遗憾。
(3)That"s all right.没关系 。
It doesn"t matter.不要紧 。
That"s nothing.没有什么。
(4)It was most thoughtless of me.我太卤莽了。
I must apologize.我得向你道歉。
I really didn"t mean that at all.我真的完全没有那个意思。
(5)Don"t worry about that.不要为那事觉得不安 。
It really isn"t worth mentioning.那真是不值得一提的。
Don"t think any more about it.别再去想它了。
I quite understand.我完全理解 。
7.邀请和应答 Invitations and responses
(1)Will you come to my birthday party?您能来参加我的生日聚会吗
Would you like to come to my birthday party?您愿意来参加我的生日聚会吗?
I"d like to invite you to come to my birthday party.我想邀你来参加我的生日聚会。
(2)Yes, I"d love to (go to your birthday party).好吗,我非常愿意(去参加你的生日聚会) 。
Yes, I "d love to, but I"m too busy to go.是的,我非常想参加,但是我太忙了,去不了。
Yes, it"s very kind(nice) of you.愿意.承蒙你的好意.或:你真是太好了
(3)I"d very much like you to join us.我非常希望您能加入我们之中 。
Shall we have a drink?我们喝点东西好吗?
(4)That would be very nice.那太好了。
With pleasure.好的。
8.提供(帮助等)和应答 Offers and responses
(1)Can( Could, Shall) I help you?我来帮你好吗?或:你要买什么?
Would you like me to help you with your lessons?我来你做功课好吗?
Is there anything (else) I can do for you?有什么(别的)事我能帮你做吗?
Do you want me to help you?你想要我帮你吗?
What can I do for you?我能为你做什么呢?
Let me do it(carry it)(for you).让我来(替你)做(或:搬)吧
Would you like some tea?你想来些茶吗?
(2)Thanks. That would be nice(fine).谢谢.太好了。
That"s very kind of you.你真好。
Thank you for your help.感谢你的帮助 。
Yes, please.好的,请(干)吧。
Here, take this(my) bag.给,请帮忙拿这个(或:我的)包好吗?
(3)No, thanks(thank you).I can manage it myself.不必了,谢谢.我自己能应付.
Thank you all the same.(尽管无需你帮忙,但)还是要谢谢你
That"s very kind of you, but I can manage it myself.你真好,但我自己能应付.
(4)What a hand (to carry it)?要帮忙(拿)吗?
(5)Just what I needed!我正需要呢!
That"s be a big help. Thanks a lot.那真帮了大忙了,多谢
9.约会 Making appointments
(1)Are you(Will you be, Do you happen to be) free this afternoon(tomorrow)?今天下午(或:明天)你有空吗?
How about tomorrow morning(afternoon, evening)?明天早上(或:下午、晚上)怎么样?
Shall we meet at 4:30 at the school gate?我们4:30在校门口见好吗?
(2)Yes, that"s all right.行,可以。
Yes, I"ll be free then.行,到时候我有空。
All right, see you then.好吧,到时候见 。
(3)No, I won"t be free then. But I"ll be free the next day.不行,那会儿我没空,但是第二天我有空。
(4)Have you got anything to do tomorrow?你明天有事吗?
(At) what time can I see you?我什么时候可以看你?
May I expect you at four?我四点钟等你好吗?
Up to what time shall you be free?那什么时候你才有空?
Shall I call for you or will you come for me?是我来叫你呢?还是你来约我。
Wouldn"t it be better to come a little later?晚一点儿来不是更好吗?
Shall I let you know later?我以后告诉你好吗 ?
Look here; I"ll tell you what; you drop me a card this evening and tell me exactly what you"ve made up your mind to do.听着;就这么办吧;今天晚上你送一张卡片给我,告诉我你到底决定怎么做 。
(5)Try to come earlier, if you can.如果能够的话,尽量早一些来。
I"ll look out for you (at) about three.我三点钟左右等你。
If you are prevented from coming, will you let me know?如你不能来,请告诉我一声好吗?
Do try to come.一定想办法来吧。
Let"s make it 8 o"clock.我们约定八点吧 。
Let"s meet at the school gate.我们在校门口见面吧。
That"ll be fine. Thank you.那好,谢谢 。
10.意愿和希望 Intentions and wishes
(1)I"m going to start next week.我打算下周出发。
I intend (mean, plan) to start next week.我意欲(或:想要、计划)下周出发。
I will do it myself.我要亲自干。
I feel like going out for a walk.我想要出去散散步。
I"d like to go out for a walk.我想要出去散散步。
I (don"t) want(hope) to go with you.我(不)愿意(或:希望)和你一起去。
I"m ready to go with you.我愿意同你一起去。
I would rather not tell you.我真不愿意告诉你。
(2)I want (hope, wish) to go with you.我想要(或:希望)和你一起去。
I wish that you would go with me.(从句要用虚拟语气)我希望你和我一起去。
I would do it if I should have the chance.我若有机会,一定不放过。
I would like to go with you.我想和你一块儿去 。
If only I could see him.(用虚拟语气)要是我能见上他就好了。
11.请求、允许和应答 Asking for permission and responses
(1)May I use your bike? 我可以用用你的自行车吗。
Can(Could) I use your bike?我能用用你的自行车吗。
I wonder if I could use your bike? 不知道我能否用用你的自行车。
Would(Do) you mind if I open the window?如果我打开窗户,你是否介意(注意答语:"同意打开"用"No"或"Not at all"等,表示不介意;"不同意打开"用"Yes",表示介意)
(2)Yes (Sure, Certainly).可以。(或:当然可以)
Yes,(do) please.可以,请(便)吧 。
Of course (you may).当然(可以)。
Go ahead, please.干吧.(或:说吧.走吧.)
That"s OK(All right).那行。
Not at all.一点儿也不。
(3)I"m sorry, you can"t.抱歉,不行。
I"m sorry, but you can use my bike tomorrow.抱歉,但明天你可以用我的自行车。
You"d better not.你最好别这样。
(4)You can take that,if you like.可以给你那个,如果你想要的话。
Take it, by all means.拿去吧,完全没有问题 。
Take it, do.拿吧,拿去吧。


英文常用短句子大全 日常常用的英语句子?带翻译


Tomorrow is another day 明天又是新的一天。After storm comes rainbow 风雨过后有彩虹。Never say die 永不言弃。Never put off what you can do until tomorrow 今日事今日毕。


Let life be beautiful like summer fiowers and death like autumn leaves.
When you need to tell, I am here; When you need a warm hug, I will be here; When you need someone to wipe your tears of sadness, I will here. 当你需要倾诉,我就在这里;当你需要一个温暖的拥抱,我就在这里;当你需要有人为你擦去伤心的泪水,我就在这里。
If we can only encounter each other rather than stay with each other, then I wish we had never encountered. - 如果只是遇见,不能停留,不如不遇见。
If you weeped for the missing sunset,you would miss all the shining stars
No one indebted for others,while many people don"t know how to cherish others.
When love is not madness, it is not love.

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